Kickz Soccer Star Skills and Fitness Challenge

The Kickz Soccer Star Challenge is a way of measuring levels of skills and soccer related fitness for players of all ages and levels of ability.

This is a great way to identify a players baseline overall ability and highlight key areas that require development and support from educators, parents or even in their own time.

The soccer star challenge can be recreated and measured anytime so a player, team or club can monitor their progression throughout a season or entire year.

There are nine tests to complete and measure current level of ability.  Tests are as follows:

Click the attached link to see an example of our Dribbling Challenge and how it works!

The Kickz Soccer Star challenge can be completed in a variety of ways:

  1. Attend one of our First Touch and Conditioning camps or clinics – trainers will take instruct players and record their first baseline score.
  2. Players will be given full details about the test set up, keeping score and assessing progression and improvement.


  1. Attend one on our one on one four week training sessions – working exclusively with a trainer to identify your baseline score and begin to work on areas of weakness.
  2. Players will be given full details and information about the test set up, keeping score and monitoring progression and improvement.