FIT Kidz

FIT Kids is an interactive program that will allow children to learn and develop an understanding of health and wellbeing using a variety of physical games and activities.

Our 8-week curriculum has been specifically created for children between the ages of 3 and 6 and is based upon both primary and secondary research, as well as guidelines from the health and physical education standards set out by the state of New Jersey. Our sessions will run on a weekly basis, and offer a new and exciting enrichment program for your school.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum has been developed using regular and special education teachers, soccer coaches and a health and lifestyle professional.

Health + Physical Education Academic Standards met:

2.1.P.A.1 : Develop an awareness of healthy habits (e.g., use clean tissues, wash hands, handle food hygienically, brush teeth, and dress appropriately for the weather).

2.1.P.A.2 : Demonstrate emerging self-help skills (e.g., develop independence when pouring, serving, and using utensils and when dressing and brushing teeth).

Example Activities

  • “Brush your teeth!”: Physical activity game, energizer.
  • “Dentists”: Introducing brushing and flossing in a fun way!
  • “Tooth Attack”: What can attack our teeth and how we eliminate those issues.
  • All players will receive a weekly ‘healthy’ choice sticker, plus a FIT Kidz medal at the end of the program.

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