Ideal age 6-13 years

For: Beginners, Recreation and Travel players

Half day camp

Would you like to learn the Inverted Cruyff or Ranaldo? Our freestyle challenge will introduce and teach some of the World most popular trickz, techniques and turns.
Players will develop and practice up to six different challenges and receive a skills patch for every one mastered and performed!
Players can then show their friends and family some crazy and neat skills that will impress the most experienced soccer player!


Ideal age 6-13 years

For: Beginners, Recreation and Travel players

Half day camp

A perfect half day camp for the summer!  World Cup Theme will be used to fill the day with skills, drills and scrimmages for players of all abilities.

Players will be introduced to Brazil’s shooting and Finishing day, Spain passing and possession day and Argentina Skills and Tricks day.  Concluding the week with our very own World Cup Tournament.  Our trainers will have a few homework surprises throughout the week that will keep the children excited and motivated for the following day.


Ideal age 6-13 years

For:  Beginners, Recreation and Travel players

Half day camp

This camp specifically focuses on scoring goals!  The camp will focus on using the correct technique for shooting/striking the ball.  The focus with then shift to tactical shooting drills and activities that foster attacking in game related or pressure situations.

Good decision making is key in front of goal and our professional trainers will help educate player to make to correct decision and be more successful in front of the opposition’s goal.


Ideal:  age 3-5 years

For:  Beginners and Recreation players

Morning camp

A child’s first experience of soccer can create a long term passion and enjoyment of the game.  Kiddie Kickz is designed to create a fun and positive environment for our youngest soccer stars to experience and learn the ‘beautiful’ game.

Our creative curriculum is designed to capture children’s imagination through games and activities that will introduce key skills for soccer whilst engaging each player through story telling games and familiar characters.


Ideal:  age 8-16 years

For:  Advanced recreation, Travel and Academy players

Half and Full Day Camps available

This program will cover a full spectrum of what it takes to become a successful soccer player.

Players will work with Professional conditioning trainers who have partnered with Kickz Trainers to provide a unique program.

Players will begin the program with a baseline assessment using our soccer stars skill and conditioning program.  This will identify areas of strength and areas for development for every participant.

The program will then focus on challenges and techniques to improve individual play and level of fitness.  Including soccer related endurance challenges, speed and agility circuits, balance and co ordination development, movement on and off the ball.

Select programs also offer

  • concussion testing and evaluation for all participants.
  • Classroom tactical sessions and player movement analysis
  • Diet and nutrition hints and ideas


Ideal Age 7-16

For: Advanced, Travel, Recreation, Beginner

Learn key skills and techniques for arguably the most difficult position on the soccer field.  Kickz professional goalkeeping trainers will take players through the basics skills of goalkeeping that are essential to become successful.

These basic skills will be implemented and developed in various situations and enable to Goalkeeper to advance onto more challenging techniques.

Full details about our goalkeeping programs can be found via our home page.


Ideal Age 8-13 years

For:  Beginner, Recreation, Travel


A great way to spend the week during the summer months!  Kickz have teamed up with local towns to provide a morning of soccer combined with an afternoon of swimming at the local town pool or lake.

Professional trainers will run a morning of soccer skills, drills and scrimmages focusing on the fundamentals of soccer including Dribbling, Passing, Shooting and individual touch and control.

Kickz will oversee the children at the swimming facility and be supported by lifeguards and supervising staff at the venue.